Oct 27, 2011

HAIR - THE RICHEST ORNAMENT FOR WOMEN ( Post for- Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back! on IndiBlogger )

                                             As I have very little hair,
                                             I always wish for long and beautiful hair.
                                             Wish that I loved my hair with great care,
                                             And not feel myself shy or to scare.
                                             I wish that I washed my long hair with Dove,

                                            And nourished them with all my love.
                                           I want to make my hair smooth and shine,

                                            And click a beautiful snap of mine.
When I was about 11 to 12 years old, I had dandruff problem. There was itching due to dandruff. My mom tried several remedies, but they were of no use. Finally, I applied DOVE Anti-Dandruff shampoo. After using it continuously for several days, dandruff problem is solved. Thanks to DOVE.I use DOVE Moisturizing lotion , cream and soaps. Using these products I don't have dry skin . So, in my opinion, DOVE is the best brand. I always use DOVE products . Till now I didn't have any harm effects by using Dove products.

Hair is almost like a social status, especially for women. Hair is the richest ornament for women. Hair brings our self image into focus. Long , beautiful, shiny, nourishing hair always enhances the beauty of women.  Females feel quite touchy about their hair. They think that hair is the most important part of their beauty. But now-a-days , trend is changing . Most of the girls think that they cannot maintain hair and therefor they prefer to go for a simple haircuts.
    To improve beauty of hair and to avoid hair problems like hair loss, increase of dandruff , lice etc , proper care is a must. Nutrition is most important aspect to have healthy hair. Vitamin A , Vitamin B and Vitamin E are responsible for healthy hair. Vitamin B3 , B5 ,B6  and B12 are also important. There are other ingredients too which are important for healthy hair.Hair needs to be properly cured as it always makes our head and mind feel fresh. Hair care is most important to both males and females, but its more important for females when compared with males. Modern people like to go to spa. But people who don't like to go to spa, try to maintain hair care by using home remedies or trying different brands of oils and shampoos.While you buy any shampoo, Please note that a it doesn't contain any harmful  ingredient that may cause damage or any other side-effects to your hair. 

Choosing right shampoo :

Healthy hair : Shampoo with protein is a good bet. Regular shampoos should do well for this type of hair.

Fine hair : Shampoos labeled with substantive proteins will help this type of hair. Shampoo has to be a little more acidic.This will help the cuticles become smoother and impart shine to our hair.

Oily hair : Lemon-based shampoos are the best remedy to offer. Jojoba-based shampoos help break up sebum buildup. They leave the hair dirt free and revitalize the scalp.

Hair washing :

The fact is that we can wash our hair as many times and as many days as  we want to, provided we use the right type of shampoo that suits our hair. It is purely a personal decision on the number of times we want to wash our hair. It is believed that our ancestors seldom washed their hair, but with today's pollution  and other problems , we can hardly think of following that dictum.

  • It is recommended to wash our hair only when really required.
  • Don't wash your hair two times in progression as this might leave your hair dryer stripping away the natural oils. 
  • Choose the right type of shampoo that will suit your hair type and the conditioners in the shampoo will help the hair look a lot healthier and protect the cuticle from wear and tear too.
  • If you have scheduled to wash your hair everyday then ensure that your shampoo has the right pH balance. 
Hair washing tips :
  • We should be gentle while we massage the shampoo into our hair.
  • Too much use of shampoo will result in dry and unruly hair.
  • If your hair remains oily after the shampoo wash everyday, replace it with a conditioner straight away, it helps giving great looks to your hair.
  • Start shampooing from the nape of your neck and then into your scalp.
  • Using a comb to distribute the conditioner is a great idea.
  • Blot the water from your hair into a towel and do not rub as it is very weak when wet.
  • Do not wrap your hair in a towel over a head for a long time; this will cause damage to the root of the hair.
  • Try and avoid blow drying your hair as much as possible.



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Hi. I've been looking for a body care skin cream that is both affordable and good for my skin. I came across your blog and read about DOVE so I will give it a go. Thank you. Isabella

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