Jul 31, 2011

Aloo Gobi Masala


Cauliflower - 1cup
Onion - 4
Tomato - 3
Potato - 1
Ginger-Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
Cloves - 2
Green chilli - 2
Corn flour - 2tsp
Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp
Garam masala powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - To taste
Coriander- to garnish
Ghee or oil -4tsp

Method :

Clean the Cauliflower by putting in lakewarm water + salt + turmeric and keep aside.
Cut 3 Onions into small pieces and 1 into big cubes and keep them aside.Cut potato into small cubes.
In a pan take 2tsp of oil. Fry Cloves, and add Onion(finely chopped),Ginger and Garlic paste,cumin powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, remaining turmeric powder.
Stir thoroughly for a while.After Onion is cooked add Tomato and fry till Tomato is completely fried, then grind it to a fine paste.
Now heat the pan with oil and fry large cubes of Onion and keep it aside
Then fry Cauliflower in the same oil for 2 minutes.
Add potato pieces, Green chillies, Ground paste, Chilli powder,salt and mix well. Let it cook till  all vegetables are cooked.
Now mix Corn flour with water. Add it to the gravy to make the gravy thick.  Boil it for 4 minutes. Add the fried Onion,Coriander leaves to it. Serve hot .

Jul 13, 2011

Cauliflower Cutlets

Ingredients :

Potatoes -  2 ( peeled, boiled and mashed completely )
Cauliflower - 100 gms ( chopped into small pieces )
Chana dal - 1 cup ( soaked for 1 hour )
Ginger + Garlic + Green chilly paste - 2 tsp
Garam Masala - 1 tsp
Rice flour - 2 tsp
Salt - To taste
Bread slices - 2
Bread crumbs - 2 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp

Method :

Grind cauliflower into coarse paste without adding water. ( Note that cauliflower should not be cooked before grinding )
Grind Chana dal into coarse paste by adding little water.
Now, in a bowl take ground cauliflower paste. Add the mashed potatoes, chana dal paste, rice flour, Ginger-garlic-green chilly paste, garam masala, salt and bread crumbs.
Soak bread slices in water once for 5 seconds and drain the water completely. Add it to the above mixture. Mix well all the ingredients.
Make round or heart shaped cutlets.
Heat oil on a tawa and fry the cutlets till golden browned.
Serve hot with tomato sauce or red chilly sauce.

Jul 2, 2011

Spicy Veg Spring Rolls

Ingredients :

For masala -

Onions - 2 ( Thinly chop vertically )
Cabbage - 1/4 ( Thinly chop vertically )
Capsicum - 1 ( Thinly chop vertically )
Carrot - 1 ( Grated )
Green chillies - 2 ( Thinly chopped )
Soya sauce - 2 tsp
Red chilly sauce - 2 tsp
Pepper powder - 2 tsp
Salt - To taste
Oil - 4 tsp

For preparing Wonton sheets ( outer covering ) -

Maida - 1 cup
Corn flour - 1/4 cup
Salt - little
Hot oil - 2 tsp

Method : ( For Masala )

In a kadai, add oil and heat it. Then add onions, carrot and fry for 3 minutes. Add cabbage, capsicum pieces and fry till the raw smell disappears. Add green chillies and fry for a minute. Add soya sauce and fry for 2 minutes. Add pepper powder, salt and fry for 2 minutes. Keep aside.

Outer covering - 

Mix maida, corn flour, salt in a bowl by adding little water and make dough. Heat coconut oil and add it to the dough. Mix well again.

Making Spring Rolls -

Make few square shaped chapatis. Place masala along in the centre of the square shaped dough. Join the 2 ends and make rolls. Cut out the excess dough. Seal the edges of the rolls completely. Twist the rolls slightly and deep fry till golden browned.
Serve hot with tomato sauce. 

Jul 1, 2011

Cassia Tora Cake ( Taikile Muddo )

Cassia tora is a kind of leafy vegetable.

Ingredients :

Cassia Tora - 2 cups ( chopped )
White Rice - 1 cup
Tamarind - A little
Grated Coconut - 2 tsps
Fried Red Chillies - 8 to 10
Rock Salt - To taste
Water - As per required
Oil - Little

Method :

Grind grated coconut + red chillies + tamarind + rock salt into a coarse paste by adding little water. Transfer it in a bowl. Add chopped cassia tora to it and mix well. Apply oil on the inside surfaces of a round vessel used to steam cook. Pour the prepared mixture in it and spread evenly. Place the vessel inside steam cooker and steam cook for 25 minutes. Remove the vessel and cut the steam cooked cake into desired shapes.
Serve hot with fresh coconut oil.