Nov 11, 2011

SPENDING MY VALUABLE TIME -Post for Surf Excel Matic #GetSmart Contest on IndiBlogger

I see many children playing various outdoor games, going out for picnic,shopping etc ..when they have free time.

I am a handicap girl. I cannot move myself independently. So, I have lot of free time.
I spend my time painting diyas, painting on plain clothes, drawing, watching T.V, playing puzzles and word games and writing on my blog .

Painting on diyas - On the occasion of Diwali- The Festival of lights , I got an interest in painting diyas with various colours. This makes me feel happy as I paint diyas on my own with joy. 

Painting on plain clothes - Since I went to school, our craft teacher tought us various skills like stiching , making flowers on plain clothes by painting etc. As I cannot do stiching , I learnt to make flowers on plain clothes by painting. In the beginning, the colours faded, but after continous practising, the mistakes were somewhat corrected.


Drawing - I like drawing very much. Since my childhood, I made varieties of drawings. 
 One day, when i finished drawing a Micky mouse picture, I thought of filling colours in it. But before I had not tried filling colours in any of my drawings. When I started filling colours in Micky mouse drawing by using water colours, one of the bottle of paint fell on my favourite dress. As I tried to clean it with hands , the colours had become very hard as it was dried. When my mummy saw the dirty dress , she scolded me at first. Then she said me that she will try to clean it but not to paint with hurry in future.
Next day, when she washed my favourite dress which had become dirty because of faded colours, it had no marks of any colours. So , I asked her-'By which detergent did she wash my dress and other clothes?She replied that she regularly used SURF EXCEL .

Writing on my blog - Since the year 2006, I developed an interest in cooking. I cannot cook myself because of my health problem. So, I tell my mom to prepare various dishes. I click the snaps of the dishes and type the recipe instructed by her. Then, I post them in my recipe blog.